Welcome to the bolg section this labour of love was an intense journey that required fortitude in the face of failure and set inevitable set back… I was given so much help and am deeply touched by all the people who gave me so much support during the birth of this idea.
I was dreaming about a place i could live or retreat to that was fully functional that i could place in a beautiful rural place where i could rejuvenate steep my self in the inspiration that nature offers me.
I started thinking about this in early 2010, and from there enlisted the help needed to bring it into reality. It’s now been out in the elements on wild dartmoor for almost 2 years and has stood the test of time beautifully and provides me with a wonderful recuperation zone and studio.
After looking at various books of Lloyd Kahn such as ‘Tiny homes’ and ‘Shelter’, and also just living around people in my local community who are into alternative building and having been witness to many project’s i felt it was more than possible to create some thing myself.
Also having lived in a caravan at points as a child that ‘cozy’ compact space appeals to me especially as it mean’s there’s less between you and the natural world. I find conventional building some what stifling and un-natural.
I love gypsy caravans and log cabins, they feel to me to be full of charm and inspiration.
I browsed many such things online but now felt quite right and also lacked practicality and of course my very particle aesthetic fast.
All these factors combined to make me determined to create my own home in the way that i wanted.I learned how to do scaled drawing’s and set to designing my own wagon.
I was vastly helped by my partner Milo Webb, who is a very skilled carpenter and sculptor. We worked very heard in-between other jobs to get the building done and it took us about 2 years in total and about £10,000 for material’s. Although I was given big contributions and gifts that meant I spent a bit less.
I learned so much from the project, as could be expected when one jumps into an unknown project like this, I’m very grateful for the patience showed me when it came to wealding power tools and various construction techniques.
Since completion there has been a significant amount of interest in the building and i have written an article for Lloyd Kahn’s new book ’Tiny Homes on the Move’, now published (page84). Some magazines have also shown interest including ‘World of Interiors’. There have been some requests for the inside story of how it came about.
It has become apparent that there is also a market for such structures and I have been busy developing this company Artisan homes since 2012. Where anybody can brows our work and if desired order one for themselves.
I hope you have enjoyed this web site and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.
Warm wishes,
Willow De La Roche

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